Our available positions
Client service advisor - Damage insurance broker Montreal, Boisbriand, Sherbrooke, Matane, Rimouski, Rivière-du-Loup, Valleyfield, Sainte-Justine, Brossard
Personal lines damage insurance broker Montreal, Boisbriand, Sherbrooke, Matane, Rimouski, Rivière-du-Loup, Valleyfield, Sainte-Justine, Brossard
I don’t have any damage insurance experience but I completed my AEC in damage insurance (junior college diploma). Can I still apply?

We love interns! Of course you can apply!

I don’t know anything about damage insurance but I’d like to learn more about broker’s roles. Can I still apply?

We believe in training new brokers! Of course you can apply!

What steps are involved in becoming a personal damage insurance broker

To take the AMF’s personal damage insurance exams, you’ll have to study on your own while being paid for 5 weeks. After that, you’ll have to complete a three- or four-week training course on our products and IT systems in Montréal (accommodation is offered for remote offices). Once you have successfully completed your training, you’ll begin a 45-day internship alongside an internship supervisor. Once you’ve completed your internship, you’ll have completed all the requirements to become a personal damage insurance broker at Univesta.

Can anyone become a broker?

No, because we are overseen by the AMF. To apply to become a broker, you must:
• Have obtained your high school diploma (DES) or a certificate of equivalency issued by Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration;
• Have three years of full-time work experience (we prefer candidates with client service or sales experience and call-centre experience would be a major asset);
• Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

I have damage insurance experience and I’m looking to develop my professional skills. Should I apply at Univesta?

We believe in the next generation and in professional development as well! Whether you’re hoping to become the unrivalled expert in your market segment or to manage an award-winning team, you’ll fit right in at Univesta as long as your quest for excellence is one of your top priorities.

I’m a commercial insurance broker but I specialize in a specific sector. Can I still apply?

Absolutely! We have lots of different risks and lots of different clients! We insure the smallest of businesses all the way up to large corporations while providing specialized coverage as well (transportation, farming, equestrian, marine, surety bonds, etc.). We are always eager to develop new markets with a high-quality product offer.

I don’t have any damage insurance experience. Can I still apply?

Our large back office team is a pillar of support for Univesta. Their work allows our brokers to offer an outstanding problem-free client experience.

What salary should I expect to earn?

Salaries depend on your experience and our compensation policies. However, the most important thing for us is team-based equity!

What are the hours of work?

We have a variety of schedules, depending on the position. Be sure to discuss your availability during your interview.

Can I work from home?


When will you be contacting me?

We always try to contact successful candidates within 48 hours. For some positions, we receive lots of applications, so the wait time may be slightly longer. Feel free to check back with us!

Why are values so important?

Our values reflect who we are. All our decisions, position profiles, evaluations and internal promotions are based on our core values. For that reason, we select our future colleagues based primarily on whether they share our values; knowledge is secondary! We would be pleased to discuss this topic with you during your interview.